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Join the conversation and find out what "Interrupted"is all about!

Break The Image

Helping You

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Audio Test 2



My Son Phil

A story of love and Incarceration for a Son

Pillow Talk

sexy talk suite

All or nothing

Stay at Home Special

Josh talks about religion, new enemies in nature, current events and stay-at-home Dad business.

A little of everything


Each week we will be reading online advice column questions and answering them in a real world kind of way dirty mouths and all! New episodes on Sunday's

Mortgage Moments


A glimpse into the world of mortgages. We break down each step of the mortgage process to give you a better understanding.


It just makes Cents

FreeUpWork. Focus on what you do best. This podcast is designed to help you with time management, success tips and how to think outside the box. How Not to Sell and Spend All Day Doing It !! Stop Selling...Tips and Techniques that will help you with getting what you want in life. People Buy YOU! Jeb Blount | SalesGravy 1. Be Likable: Likability is the gateway to connections and ultimately to relationships. If others don’t find you likable, then it is virtually impossible to form profitable business relationships. If you are not likable, people will not buy you or from you. Likability is responsible for first impressions because it happens in an instant, and it is responsible for ongoing impressions because it can be lost in an instant. When people find you likable, the door opens to emotional connections, to trust, and ultimately to business relationships that help you build a successful career and income. Smile and use your positive attitude and optimism to project a cheerful, smiling, outgoing personality. People love to be around happy, optimistic people. 2. Connect: The key to connecting is listening deeply with your eyes and ears. Listen to what your customers say and observe their emotions. There are things they are passionate about. Look for common ground here. When you truly connect with someone, you take rapport to the next level. You begin to move from a business relationship to a friendship. Connecting tears down walls that tend to get in the way of real communication and understanding. When people feel connected with you they feel more comfortable telling you their real problems. With this information in hand, you have the opportunity to solve problems that really matter. This ability provides real value and engenders true loyalty. Strong connections are hard to break and are the foundation of truly prosperous, long-term business relationships. 3. Solve Problems: Problem solvers are the champions of the business world.